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Georgia rain

Illustration of raccoon in woods at AIR Serenbe, Georgia Thinking about the critters out in the gentle Georgia rain. This week the peepers were making their presence known, loudly, in vernal pools near the local pond.

I am still getting used to the deep red soil of this area….like the ground has rusted. These chunky-red-barked trees are everywhere too. I expect a lot of them are loblolly pines. The woods are carpeted with their needles. They are used to mulch people’s yards and there are even some bales of needles under my little house.



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Illustration of woods at AIR Serenbe, Georgia


There are beautiful beech trees here. I love to hear the wind ruffling in the leaves, the winter stragglers. It was cool and clear today and I didn’t hear many birds out here. Plenty of gray squirrels, though. Their tails look a bit threadbare compared to their northern cousins. Probably they don’t need the extra fur in this warmer climate.

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February 1

This month I will be spending time in Georgia. I am honored to be offered a residency fellowship at AIR Serenbe, 30 minutes outside of Atlanta. This Focus Fellowship is generously funded by the Institute for Child Success and Reach Our and Read Carolinas. I will be staying in my own little place in Chattahoochee Hills, working, and at times, sharing with the community there.

My daughter, Carly, drove down with me, which was an adventure in and of itself. She flew home and I spent the next couple of days wandering Atlanta and drawing. This is a painting from yesterday’s wanderings.

My next month of posts will be dedicated to my adventure here. I am scanner-less and wacom-less, so these images will  be photos from my phone.

Thank you to Judy Newman at Scholastic and Emma Dryden, editor extraordinaire, for recommending me, and Air Serenbe for hosting me!

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