How to Make a Mountain in 9 Easy Steps and Only 100 Million Years

Book cover

Spring, 2022, Chronicle Books. Illustrations by Nancy Lemon

How to Make a Mountain in Just 9 Simple Steps and Only 100 Million Years!

Awarded the Junior Library Guild’s Gold Star, Fall 2022

“Readers with a solid introductory grasp of earth science concepts, the water cycle, and basic geological features will build a deeper understanding of the effects that climate patterns, water, and time have on this grand phenomenon in nature. Highly recommended for the curious upper elementary reader interested in earth science or paired with a geology unit that explores mountain formation and geological terms.” – School Library Journal


“Using a friendly but informative second-person voice, the humorous narrator treats readers as full participants in the geologic process, complete with explanations as needed. . . . Lemon’s sketch-like illustrations match the engaging tone. . . . [How to Make a Mountain is e]arth science charmingly disguised as a how-to manual.”—Booklist


“A useful, engaging, and clearly delineated distillation of a complex geological process.”—Kirkus Reviews



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