I spend a lot of time every week, drawing and painting in my sketchbooks. It’s one of my favorite things to do! My sketchbooks go with me wherever I travel, and that’s where some of my story ideas begin. At home you’ll mostly find me in my studio, next to the kitchen, writing stories, and making pictures.

I began painting in kindergarten, using the ends of my pigtails for brushes. I drew castles, sleds, and my siblings with the chicken pox. In summer I wrote poems while tucked in the branches of my favorite tree. After college I settled in Vermont, exhibiting my paintings in various New England galleries. As a new mother I fell in love with picture book illustration. Now I make lots of drawings and write lots of words. Some turn into picture books.

The summer of 2022, I spent two weeks at Geo-Camp with 20+ science teachers traveling through Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado. From a volcano caldera, the footwall of a fault, or a glacial valley, to a pristine flowing stream, I had a chance to observe and learn about geological processes, fluvial concepts, and some of the effects of climate change on our environment. I looked for fossils in ancient buttes, saw the K-PG boundary- a thin layer of material marking the mass dinosaur extinction, 66 million years ago, and slid down dunes at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. I toured a gold mine, explored caverns, and soaked in a hot spring. I saw great-horned sheep, marmots, lizards, pika, and elk, and lots and lots of rocks. A few I lugged home. Now can I please be a geologist?

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